SeaWolves FC looks forward to many local players being selected for our team. But we also seek host families for those players coming from outside the Seattle area, and in some cases from outside the United States. These players appreciate living with a host family during their stay in Snohomish County, as this support makes it possible for them to play for our team. If you are interested in housing players (the housing season runs approximately six months, March through August), please fill out and submit the player housing application below or contact SeaWolves FC.

SeaWolves FC requires a separate bed and preferably a separate room for each player. Transportation and food are the player’s responsibility. You can help players with either, but it’s not required. These issues and general housing expectations should be discussed with your player prior to housing.

Can you provide transportation?

Please note: Housing players does not entitle you to game tickets. Players may place two guests on the pass list each match. Please don’t ask players for more than two tickets.